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Refund Policy

1. Introduction

Thomson Digital’s ed-tech venture Q&I offers students an online platform to prepare for competitive exams (JEE & NEET). Q&I is a subscription based online assessment platform.

2. Policy

Any ecommerce business requires to establish a refund policy. This document provides the guidelines for the refund process of the subscription fees paid by the customers. The refund request could be due to several reasons which shall be recorded to improve product performance and customer satisfaction rating.

3. Purpose

The objectives of this policy are to:

  • Define the conditions under which customer can apply for a refund.
  • Define the payment process after appropriate checks and validation.
  • Ensure that employees & vendors (where applicable) which includes customer support team, sales team and the finance team are aware of their roles and responsibilities in the refund process.
4. Scope

This policy applies to all subscribers of Q&I platform and the employees working at Thomson Digital for the Edtech business division.

5. Conditions of refund

a. The refund request can be initiated by the customer within 7 days of purchasing the subscription. Complete refund will be given to the customer without any deductions, subject to validation from the Finance Department.

b. After 7 days, no refund request can be claimed by the customer.

6. Process for initiating refund
  • A refund request can be initiated by sending an email request at
  • On receipt of refund request, the customer service executive shall respond within 48 hours after validating the details of the request.
6.1. Retention process
  • The customer support person shall ensure that the customer is contacted, and his grievance is redressed within 48 hours.
  • As a first step for refund cases, the customer support team shall try to retain the customer by appointing the designated salesperson to contact the customer.
  • The sales personnel shall get in touch and try to resolve the concerns of the customer. Where required, he shall attempt to address the grievance by connecting with relevant person/department for  satisfactory resolution of the issue.
  • If the salesperson is unable to retain the customer, he shall inform the Customer support team to initiate the refund process providing a valid reason for initiating the refund.
  • Where the designated sales personnel is not available, the escalation matrix to be followed shall be Zonal sales Manager-Sales Head-Chief Operating Officer.
  • The refund request shall be forwarded to the Finance Department.
7. Refund and Payment process
  • Finance department shall authorize the payment of refund.
  • The customer support personnel shall request for the following documents from the customer.
    • Proof of payment for the subscription. The customer can share the bank statement highlighting the payment deduction, Paytm reference or transaction number.
    • Student ID of his ward along with the details of subscription availed.
    • Identification proof of the person who paid the subscription amount (Aadhar Card, PAN Card)
    • Cancelled cheque of the bank account of the person who has paid the subscription amount.
    • In case the customer wants to get the amount refunded in some other account, then an affidavit of the person who has paid the subscription allowing Thomson to pay in some other account.
  • The customer support personnel shall forward the refund request along with all the documents to the Finance Department
  • The customer support person shall mail to to deactivate the login credentials of the customer.
  • The Finance Department shall check the documents submitted by the customer and match it with the bank statement to ensure that the amount has been received from the customer before processing the refund.
  • The Finance team shall process the refund within 7 working days after validation of the documents.
8. Abbreviations
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