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What you get from us?
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How you get

Chapter and Topic-wise Unlimited Tests
Q&I’s chapter and topic-wise unlimited tests provide you with a much-needed thrust to your preparation journey. Every test question that you attempt is carefully curated by experts and aligns perfectly with your current syllabus.

Adaptive Learning Experience
Now master complex concepts with adaptive learning experience, which provides a completely personalised journey that matches your learning needs.

AI-based Analytics and Valuable Insights
With AI-based analytics and valuable insights, get a better understanding of your performance, and make calculated decisions in your preparation journey to stay ahead in the game.

Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses
Now easily identify your strengths and weaknesses, and know what exactly you should spend more time on at a chapter or even on a topic level.

Personalized and Smart Recommendations
These recommendations help you draw a road map of your preparation journey by recommending topics that will help you boost your performance.

Plan Your Weekly and Monthly Preparation
Q&I not only helps you prepare for your exam journey, but also helps you prepare your calendar on weekly and monthly basis, so that you strike a balance with your preparation and leisure time without affecting your performance.

Unlimited Mock Tests
Now get access to customised and unlimited mock tests at all levels, which are designed to match your progress.

Live Exam – All India Test Series
Now assess your capabilities at the national level amongst the brightest of competitors to see how close you are to your goal.