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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q&I is a technology-powered adaptive self-assessment and learning platform that is personalized to suit your proficiency levels and preparation goals.

Q&I currently supports the exam preparations for JEE and NEET entrance exams. In the coming months, we'll expand our offerings.

Q&I offers students a customized learning journey by providing unlimited practice & in-depth analytics and highlighting the possible areas of improvement.

Our exhaustive question bank uses AI to recommend personalized adaptive assessments.

1. The platform breaks down each subject into chapters and also into topics and concepts.

2. Q&I also uses Scientific Learning Tools to help you prepare effectively for your exams. Your performance in all the subjects, chapters and topics in the syllabus is categorized under core learning  skills
A – Application
E – Evaluation
C – Comprehension
K – Knowledge.
This means you not only know how you are doing in each topic, but also get to know which skill from AECK you need to improve upon.

3. Each question on the platform has been curated with multiple levels of complexity for better adaptive learning.

Q&I’s technology-powered self-assessment platform curates and personalizes a stress-free and smart preparation journey.

Topic Level Assessment

Q&I tests your learning not only at a subject and chapter level, but also at a topic level. This micro-level assessment helps you excel in subjects by fine-tuning specific topics that you may have earlier dreaded to attempt.

Weekly Planner

The platform helps you to plan your week and schedule your upcoming tests, helping you to align Q&I goals with your coaching institute and school curriculum.

Intuitive analytics

The test analytics are intuitively designed to help you understand your performance across subjects, chapters, and topics and identify your unique strengths and weaknesses in the form of a MyQ matrix. The analytics also help you understand other performance parameters like time, speed, accuracy, and position with respect to your peers.

Focused Tasks

The platform provides suggestive tasks in the MyQ Matrix and My Task Centre, so you can focus on the most important task at hand, i.e., learning.

Online payments through Razor Pay payment gateway, such as credit card, debit card, UPI, and Internet banking.

Discounts and offers are available on the home page of the website.

Yes, you can avail free mock tests in your 7-day free trial.

No, presently the subscription plan cannot be modified.

We have 4 different subscription packages available with us.






3 months



6 months



12 months



24 months

You can initiate the refund by contacting the customer support service.

You can renew the package through the customer support service.

No, presently you cannot pay for the subscription through EMIs.

If you are not able to log in, contact us at 1800 202 8687.

You can also mail us at

You can reset your password on your Profile Page located in the Top Access Toolbar of your Q&I dashboard.

You can change your login email on your Profile Page, located in the Top Access Toolbar of your Q&I dashboard.

You can change your login phone number on your Profile Page, located in the Top Access Toolbar of your Q&I dashboard.

You can access and update your profile on the Profile Page, located in the Top Access Toolbar of your Q&I dashboard.

You can log into only one device at a time using your profile name and password.

To log into a new device, log out of the existing device and then re-enter your login details into the new device.

You can invite your friends to the Q&I platform through the 'Refer' button in the Menu Bar of the dashboard. The 'Refer' button allows you to share an invite with your friends.

You can turn off notifications and updates by going into your Profile Page, located in the Top Access Toolbar of your Q&I dashboard.

You can set weekly goals for yourself for the number of tests you want to take in a week. Practice and schedule these tests using the 'Planner' widget on your Q&I dashboard.

Yes, you can go back to the 'Planner' and edit your goals anytime.

Yes, you can create a test schedule based on your curriculum and interests from the 'Planner' located on the dashboard. The 'Planner' allows you to select the dates, subjects, and chapters.

You can get an overview of all the widgets on your Q&I dashboard by hovering on the information icon on the top right corner of every widget.

Yes, the Q&I platform provides you prospects to take customized tests on the topic of your choice anytime.

To take customized tests, you can go to the 'Practice' section from the main menu bar on the Dashboard.

You can take customized tests using the 'Practice' section from the main menu bar on the Dashboard.

The Practice Section allows you to take tests:

1. At a Subject Level:

You can take full syllabus tests for each subject.

2. At a Chapter Level:

You can take a test of any one chapter within a subject.

3. At a Topic Level:

You can expand chapters into topics, and take tests for one or more topics within a chapter.

Mock tests and live tests are fixed duration tests and have fixed number of questions and can’t be changed. The tests in the 'Practice' section and tests from the 'Planner' are fixed duration tests but the number of questions is not fixed which means you can attempt the maximum number of questions in the given time duration.

Yes, you can skip a question and come back to it later in Mock Tests, Live Test and Test Series.

However, you cannot skip questions or return to them in 'Practice' Custom Tests and tests scheduled from the 'Planner' as these are adaptive tests and you need to register a response before the next question is served.

Yes, you can review your answers to the questions in Mock Tests, Live Tests, and Test Series in the 'Practice' section before submitting your tests. While attempting a test, you can see all the 'answered', 'unanswered' and 'marked for review' questions in the key available in the right panel of the test screen.

However, while attempting a test under 'Practice' Custom Test or test scheduled from the 'Planner', you will not be able to view all the 'answered', 'unanswered' and 'marked for review' questions in the key available in the right panel of the test screen.

Yes, you can change your response to questions that you have already answered, in a Mock Test, Live Test, and Test Series under the 'Practice' section. While attempting a test, you can see all the 'answered', 'unanswered' and 'marked for review' questions in the key available in the right panel of the test screen.

In 'Practice' Custom Tests and tests scheduled by 'Planner', you can change your response only before moving to the next question.

No, you cannot monitor your performance during a test.

A mock test is a personalized, curated, limited-duration time-bound test to answer all the questions. It mimics the nature and conditions of the exam you are preparing for.

Practice tests are adaptive in nature and they are fixed duration tests of 30 minutes and 60 minutes. You can attempt any number of questions during the time interval as per your proficiency.

A mock test is a personalized timed test that gives you a limited duration of time to answer all the questions mimicking the exam you are preparing for. It can be attempted at any time. A live test can be attempted within a definite period only.

It is a diagnostic test offered by the platform the first time you login. As a result, the platform is able to identify your learning levels, calibrate Q&I's adaptive engine, provide relevant analytics and suggest actions to help you improve.

You can take an unlimited number of mock tests anytime you want, but the live tests cannot be rescheduled.

Yes, at the end of every test you are provided with a detailed analytics report and a 'Review Questions' section present on the right side of the screen.

When you review each question in the solutions key, you are able to view:

  • The correct answer and solution to each question.
  • The topic, the concept involved and the skill it requires to solve.
  • The percentage of users who answered the question correctly.


You receive a detailed analytics report card after the completion of every test. This analytics report gives you a detailed analysis of your accuracy, time management, performance, etc.

Q&I offers a comprehensive range of performance analytics to help you monitor your progress. With our deep analytics, we help you enhance your strategic and core-learning skills.

The analytics report is always available on the Q&I dashboard. You can access it using the 'Analytics' icon from the menu bar present on the left side.

This report updates itself each time you take a new test on the platform.

You can generate the following types of analytics reports on the platform:

  1. Test reports which are automatically generated after the completion of a test.
  2. Overall and subject level performance analytics that show your cumulative performance and growth in the subject, its chapter, and its topics.

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