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Cookies Policy

‘Thomson Digital [A division of Thomson Press (India) Limited]’ is the owner & operator of the Website.

The purpose of this document is to read and duly understand the terms of this policy (“Cookies’ Policy” or “Policy”).

This Website uses cookies and other similar tracking technologies, which collect information about your browsing activities. Cookies or similar tracking technologies help us to provide the best possible Website browsing experience and also to improve the Website and our services.

By browsing the Website, it shall be deemed that you have thoroughly read, understood, acknowledged, agreed and consented to the terms of this Cookies’ Policy. Further, by doing so, you also confirm and consent for the Website’s usage of cookies and other such tracking technologies.

If you do not wish to accept cookies from the Website, you can configure your web browser so that it does not accept cookies; however, by doing so certain features of the Website may be inaccessible to you.

This Cookies’ Policy explains the following:

How do we use cookies or other similar tracking software?

Your choices as to whether we can put cookies on your computer or mobile, tablet and other similar handheld device (computer or device).

The term “Personal Data” as used in this policy means the data that identifies you as an individual and may include your name or online identifiers such as your Browser type and IP Address.

1. What are cookies?

A “cookie” is a small text file. When you visit the website or use an application, the website/application sends cookies to your computer or device. Your computer or device stores cookies in a file located inside your web browser.

Different types of cookies keep track of different activities. The same has been explained in Clause 4 here in below.

2. How do we use cookies?

The purpose of the cookies is to help the Website keep track of your visits and activities. These cookies allow us to recognize users, tailor the contents of our Website to fit the needs of Website Visitors and improve user’s experience. These cookies allow us to keep a record of your most recent visit or to record your log in information; to obtain information about your visits and about the device you use to access the website, your IP address, pseudonymous identifiers, operating system, browser type, and depending on the cookie, also include the reporting of statistical data about our users’ browsing actions and patterns.

3. Why do we use cookies?

We deploy cookies for the following:

  • To provide online services more suited to computer or device you connect.
  • To prevent and detect fraud and keep your connection secure.
  • When you visit our Website from any computer or device, we collect information about your use of Website, such as information about the device or browser you use to access the Website (including device type, operating system, screen resolution, etc.), the way you interact with this Website and the IP Address of your computer or device connects from. You may not be able to initiate or complete some activities with our online services unless cookies or similar technologies are installed.
  • To record your most recent visit or your log in information, which is useful for you to know that why you have visited or downloaded in the past.We also use cookies (and other similar technologies) to provide products and services that you request and to provide a secure online environment, manage our marketing relationship, give you a better online experience and track Website performance and help us make our Website more relevant to you.
4. Cookies categories

This clause explains each cookie categories in more detail. The length of time a cookie stays on your computer or device depends on its type.

At present, we use the following types of cookies on our Website:

  • Session cookies:
    These are the temporary cookies that only exist, during the time you use the Website (or more strictly, until you close the relevant browser). Session cookies help our Website remember what you chose in the previous page, avoiding the need to re-enter information and improve your experience whilst using the Website.


  • Persistent cookies:
    These are the cookies that stay on your computer or device after you have closed your browser and remain in your browser’s sub-folders until they expire or you delete them.

These cookies can further be sub-divided into the following categories:

  • Authentication cookies:
    These cookies enable a user to log into our website and recognize such user when navigating website. These cookies are the essential cookies and used to keep the Website secure.


  • Functionality cookies:
    These cookies remember your preferences and tailor the Website to provide enhanced feature or personalized online experience. These cookies enable to (a) log in faster by recognizing you if you are logged into the Website and (b) remember the relevant information as you browse from page to page to save you re-entering the same information repeatedly.


  • Security cookies:
    These cookies maintain online security and protect against malicious activities and/or violation of our user agreement.


  • Analytics cookies:
    These cookies are used to understand and analytics how you use and explore the Website and look for ways to improve it. These can also be used to test new advertisements, pages, or features to gauge user/s reaction. These cookies may be our own or third party cookies and include Google Analytics.
5. Third parties cookies

Third parties may provide certain contents or application including advertisements on our Website. To provide such services or functionalities, these third parties may use cookies (alone or in conjunction with web beacons or other tracking technologies) to collect information about you and your use of the Website, on which we have no control. Unless expressly stated otherwise or elsewhere, we do not provide any personal data to these third parties; however, they may collect information, including personal data such as IP Address, browser type, version, time zone setting, location, operating system and platform and other technology on the devices you use to access the Website. They may use the information to provide you internet-based advertising or other targeted content.

We strongly advise and recommend you to check privacy and cookies policies of those third-party websites for information regarding the cookies they may use and collection of the personal data. We do not accept any responsibility for any content contained in these third-party websites.

6. You may please note:
  • You have the option to delete or turn off one or more types of cookies. However, the same will not delete any data that have been downloaded/ collected in the past, and we may still use the data collected up to that point of action of deleting or turning off. However, we will stop collecting new data after deleting or turning off.
  • You can turn off or delete cookies in your browser. If you do this, it may affect the Website or certain services and also affect websites that use similar cookies.
  • Some of our cookies collect data for more than one use. We will use these cookies only for essential purposes, unless you have given your consent to any other use they have.
7. Controlling and deleting cookies

On your first visit or visits, you may see a pop-up to inform you that cookies are being used, although this pop-up may not usually appear on subsequent visits.

You may withdraw your cookie consent at any time by changing your browser or device setting.

You can setup your browser/device setting to delete or refuse some or all the cookies, or to be notified when you are sent cookies and, therefore, choose whether or not to accept it. You may delete or refuse, some or all of the cookies, on our website any time.

You may also opt out of third parties cookies by following the instructions provided by each third party in its privacy policy.

Unless you have adjusted your browser setting for deleting or refusing cookies, cookies will be issued or reissued when you direct your browser to our Website. If you do delete or refuse cookies, but subsequently decide to allow them, you should adjust your browser setting and continue using our Website.

If you do delete some or all your cookies, some functionality on our Website may be disabled and as result you may not be able to access certain parts or features of our Website, and your browsing experience of our Website may be affected.

To find out more about cookies (including that of managing and deleting them). Alternatively, you may search internet for other independent information on cookies.

8. Other Uses Of Personal Data

For information regarding the other uses of personal data, you may visit our privacy policy.

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