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About Q&I

Q&I is a breakthrough edtech platform built by Thomson Digital, India’s leading digital publishing solutions provider founded by the promoters of the India Today Group. Q&I is a conceptual revolution and a paradigm shift in competitive exam preparation; a must-have for JEE and NEET aspirants irrespective of current preparation level and engagement with any institute.

Q&I uses advanced tech and algorithms to assess and diagnose aspirants’ actual strengths and weaknesses and uses AI to offer accurate action points based on their practice. As a result, their competitive capabilities are gradually built, and their learning journeys are customized for the best results.

Q&I’s granularly structured question bank has been carefully handpicked by industry experts from the IITs , NITs, IISERs and makes the intelligent neuro network behind Q&I.

It is uniquely designed to capture every user’s specific strengths and opportunities to handcraft highly personalised adaptive practice sessions with a focus on key essentials for cracking the exam – Knowledge, Comprehension, Application and Evaluation.

What makes Q&I effective?

Q&I is an assessment-led, 360o learning platform that equips you with meticulous self-assessment tools based on Adaptive Learning and In-depth Analytics to help you build a better understanding of complex concepts. Along with these, Rigorous Practice Sessions are deftly designed with questions that push your limits, and help you excel in exams like JEE and NEET.

By deriving analytics from your test results, the platform suggests accurate action points and helps you take corrective measures, which improves your overall outcome.

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