What is Q&I ?

Q&I is a breakthrough ed-tech platform that will maximise your chances of success in JEE and NEET.

Our radically different approach shifts away from general syllabus-based learning to unique need-based learning. Q&I’s smart learning platform creates a customised preparation plan just for you, giving you complete clarity on how to best utilize your time learning each day.

Q&I is India’s first and only learning platform that follows a unique assessment-led learning approach. We continuously test you, identify areas of improvement, provide personalised tasks to address learning gaps and then test again — helping you become the best version of yourself.



Test Yourself

with advanced tech

Q&I’s AI/ML-based adaptive self-assessment & self-analysis tool equips you with an exhaustive question bank, well-researched solutions and comprehensive practice tests, laying the foundation for you to excel in JEE and NEET.

Analyze Yourself

to the minutest detail

With in-depth analysis and clear action points, Q&I helps you identify your strong and weak areas and improve them, so that you grow faster!

Improve Yourself

with a systematic plan

Q&I offers you a systematic plan of preparation and analytics-based action points that help you improve your understanding in a methodical and gradual manner.

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Salient Features of Q&I

Meticulous Self-Assessment

based on adaptive learning

Thorough & In-Depth Analysis

for better understanding

Rigorous Practice

with questions that push your limits

Accurate Action Points

using Algorithm-based suggestions

Select a Course

Select a course of your choice and start learning in an efficient and easy way!


  • Unlimited tests at chapter & topic level
  • Live Exam – All India Test Series
  • Unlimited Mock tests


  • Unlimited tests at chapter & topic level
  • Live Exam – All India Test Series
  • Unlimited Mock tests

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What is Q&I?

Q&I is a technology-powered adaptive self-assessment and learning platform that is personalized to suit your proficiency levels and preparation goals.

How can Q&I help me achieve my goals?

Q&I offers students a customized learning journey by providing unlimited practice & in-depth analytics and highlighting the possible areas of improvement.

Our exhaustive question bank uses AI to recommend personalized adaptive assessments.

What are the learning tools used by Q&I?

1. The platform breaks down each subject into chapters and also into topics and concepts.

2. Q&I also uses Scientific Learning Tools to help you prepare effectively for your exams. Your performance in all the subjects, chapters and topics in the syllabus is categorized under core learning  skills
A – Application
E – Evaluation
C – Comprehension
K – Knowledge.
This means you not only know how you are doing in each topic, but also get to know which skill from AECK you need to improve upon.

3. Each question on the platform has been curated with multiple levels of complexity for better adaptive learning.

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